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The Circular Product Life Cycle

ORBIS Europe develops and manufactures reusable plastic packaging solutions. The plastic foldable large containers and pallets provide sustainable and efficient alternatives to steel, wood and one-way packaging. With innovative manufacturing processes, a durable design and recyclability, the product life cycle follows the circular economy principle. Check out our videos on production, supply chain benefits and recycling.

Steel vs. Plastic

In manufacturing industries such as automotive, steel packaging is still the go-to solution for transporting parts. They are robust, durable and have high weight capacities. But all these characteristics apply to plastic packaging, too. So, what are the differences? We compared both solutions one to one and here’s what we found out.

Building More Efficient Supply Chains with Reusables

Due to economic and political crises, global supply chains are more fragile than ever. At the same time, companies are dealing with increasing consumers’ expectations for sustainability initiatives. The supply chain is a good place to start when looking to improve efficiency and sustainability in the business. Learn more about the benefits that reusables can bring to your supply chain.

UN-Certified Dangerous Goods Packaging

Dangerous Goods Packaging and Transportation is subject to strict regulations. Finding safe and efficient dangerous goods packaging has become a key challenge for supply chain managers today. Learn how to safely pack and transport solid dangerous goods.

ORBIS at FachPack 2022

The entire ORBIS Europe team invites you to this year’s FachPack, September 27th-29th in Nuremberg. Following the circular economy principle, we will be showcasing sustainable and durable transport packaging solutions for different industries at booth 6-316. We are happy to welcome you at our after-show drinks reception on Tuesday, Sep 27th at 5 PM. Secure your free ticket with our discount code!

Automotive Load Carriers

The automotive industry is changing drastically: Sustainability initiatives, chip shortage, e-mobility and more are impacting the way supply chains and logistics process are built. At the same time, real cost drivers often remain unnoticed in large and complex supplier networks. As logistics systems are complex, shifting to new process such as reusable packaging programs may seem costly and time-consuming at first sight. But going new paths is the key to more efficiency and sustainability in automotive supply chains. Here is how to find solutions to those logistics challenges with the right load carrier.

International Leader In Reusable Packaging

ORBIS engineers and manufactures bulk containers and plastic pallets to deliver truly unique solutions for the most demanding applications – for customers around the globe. As the leader in reusable packaging, ORBIS is your partner, bringing decades of experience and proven success to provide solutions to intercontinental supply chain problems. Being part of 170+ year old Menasha Corporation, local teams help our customers create sustainable supply chains. Learn more about ORBIS’ as a company, it’s solutions and services.

Repurposing Plastic Waste into Supply Chain Packaging

Did you know that 8 billion kilograms of single-use plastic enter our oceans each year? ORBIS Corporation’s Ocean in Mind program is preventing single-use plastic from entering our oceans. The plastics will be recycled and used for new packaging production in ORBIS’ US facilities.

25th Anniversary

Since its inception 25 years ago, packaging manuafcturer ORBIS has helped world–class customers move their product faster, safer and more cost-effectively. Here are a couple of stories that shaped us through the last years.

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