Plastic Bulk Containers 1200 x 1000



HDB1210 1200 x 1000





900 kg weight capacity
Stackable 1 + 5 static / 1 + 2 dynamic
Return ratio 1 : 3
Available with 3 Runners or Full Stringer

Plastic Bulk Containers 1200 x 1000

Plastic Bulk Containers in Four Different Heights

ORBIS offers reusable bulk containers and collapsible industrial containers for every need. The HDB1210 containers are designed to protect and transport parts in global automotive and industrial applications. Engineered for rugged applications, the plastic bulk containers are robust and offer a long service life – leading to an attractive ROI and a lower total cost of ownership. Our reusable bulk containers are 100% recyclable with a buyback option at the end of the service life: We offer to buy back obsolete plastic containers and reprocess them into new packaging products. Key features of the HDB1210 include multiple heights, access door and bottom configurations as well as enhanced maintenance features for easy, on-site repair and part replacement.

Optimised space utilisation with collapsible bulk containers

The 1200 x 1000 plastic bulk containers are part of line BulkPak® line and available in multiple heights for efficient space utilisation. The ORBIS HDB1210 collapsible containers offer a return ratio of 1 : 3 and reduce the shipping of air during return transport to a minimum. When stored, the bulk storage containers help save valuable floor space as they can be stacked up to 6 bins high. Due to the stackable and foldable design, companies realise significant cost savings across the entire supply chain.

Benefits and Added Value of ORBIS Bulk Containers

900 kg weight capacity

Stackable 1 + 5 static / 1 + 2 dynamic

1:3 return ratio, efficient space utilisation

Decreased product damage, no rust

Robust with long service life

Sustainable: reusable, recyclable

Reduced costs for storage and transport

Improved workplace safety


Out. Dim. (L x W x H) 1200 x 1000 x 980
In. Dim. (L x W x H) 1113 x 913 x 860
Product Clearance 834
Weight Capacity (kg) 900
Weight (kg) 69

Customer-specific dimensions available upon request.



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Additional Information

We offer suitable dust covers and inner packaging solutions for the ORBIS HDB1210.

Product Specifications

ModelHDB1210-600 STRHDB1210-582 R
Bottom ConfigurationFull Stringer3 Runners
Outside Dimensions (L x W x H)1200 x 1000 x 6001200 x 1000 x 582
Inside Dimensions (L x W x H)1113 x 913 x 4621113 x 913 x 462
Product Clearance434434
Collapsed Height335317
Container Capacity (kg)900900
Weight (kg)5451
ModelHDB1210-888 STRHDB1210-870 R
Bottom ConfigurationFull Stringer3 Runners
Outside Dimensions (L x W x H)1200 x 1000 x 8881200 x 1000 x 870
Inside Dimensions (L x W x H)1113 x 913 x 7501113 x 913 x 750
Product Clearance723723
Collapsed Height335317
Container Capacity (kg)900900
Weight (kg)6864
ModelHDB1210-750 STRHDB1210-732 R
Bottom ConfigurationFull Stringer3 Runners
Outside Dimensions (L x W x H)1200 x 1000 x 7501200 x 1000 x 732
Inside Dimensions (L x W x H)1113 x 913 x 6121113 x 913 x 612
Product Clearance585585
Collapsed Height335317
Container Capacity (kg)900900
Weight (kg)6157
ModelHDB1210-998 STRHDB1210-980 R
Bottom ConfigurationFull Stringer3 Runners
Outside Dimensions (L x W x H)1200 x 1000 x 9981200 x 1000 x 980
Inside Dimensions (L x W x H)1113 x 913 x 8601113 x 913 x 860
Product Clearance834834
Collapsed Height335317
Container Capacity (kg)900900
Weight (kg)7369

Areas of Application

Our Bulk Plastic Containers are suitable for:

Automotive Industry

ORBIS plastic bulk containers are an efficient alternative to conventional packaging, such as steel boxes and wooden crates in automotive applications. For OEMs and suppliers, efficiency and sustainability in the supply chain is a growing focus: With our durable, returnable plastic containers, you can optimise capacity and space utilisation and reduce CO2 emissions.

Industrial Manufacturing

ORBIS Europe offers collapsible industrial containers that maximize product flow efficiency in the industrial manufacturing environment. The ORBIS HDB1210 is a sustainable and efficient alternative to conventional industrial packaging. The plastic bulk container offers a weight capacity of 900 kg and holds heavy parts and components of manufacturing companies.

ORBIS HDB1210 in Detail

Only three different kinds of spare parts for easy and quick maintenance on site – without special tooling

Foldable Large Containers with Latches

Latches for side walls and doors

Foldable Large Containers with Hinges

Access doors with hinges

Foldable Large Containers with Connectors

Connectors for exchangeable side walls

Foldable Large Containers Wall Design

Special wall design for increased stability

Großbehälter mit Vollrahmen

Full Stinger Version

Plastic bulk containers with 3 Runners

3 Runner Version

Other Large Plastic Containers

GitterPak - Collapsible Plastic Pallet Box 1200 x 800


Collapsible plastic pallet box as
1 to 1 substitute for metal gitterboxes

1200 x 800

ORBIS IonPak für den Transport von Lithium-Ionen-Batterien und Gefahrgut

Dangerous Goods Packaging IonPak®

UN-certified plastic shipping boxes
for Li-ion batteries and solid dangerous goods

1200 x 800  / 1200 x 1000 / …

Plastic Bulk Containers with extended length

XXLPak Extended Length Bins

Heavy-duty collapsible containers
for extremely long and hard-to-fit parts

OceanPak: foldable large container for intercontinental shipments and sea freight


Optimised footprint for
intercontinental ocean freight

1190 x 1135

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Frequently Asked Questions About Plastic Pallet Containers

What are the benefits of plastic bulk containers?

Reusable plastic bulk containers can be used to transport and store larger parts and components of all kinds. Plastic containers have a lower tare weight than equivalent steel boxes but offer the same stability and weight capacity. ORBIS’ reusable bulk containers are collapsible for space and cost savings: They combine stability and longevity with increased sustainability and supply chain efficiency. The 1200 x 1000 industrial size containers can be reused multiple times before being recycled at the end of their service life. They fulfill the requirements of different industries and companies and can be used flexibly in manufacturing industries, such as the automotive industry.

How can I adapt the HDB1210 to fit my supply chain needs?

ORBIS bulk plastic containers are available in a variety of different footprints and variants. The large containers are compatible with European and American standard footprints and can be integrated into existing supply chains. You can choose from different bottom and access door configurations (0-4), inner packaging solutions and other options to adapt the HDB1210 to your packaging needs. The HDB1210 containers with covers ensure comprehensive product protection. Our portfolio of FLCs is also available with customer-specific dimensions. We are manufacturer of plastic bulk containers and support you with the development and production of a wholly new, project-specific load carrier. One of our packaging experts can advise you.

What happens when a bulk container is damaged?

Due to special manufacturing processes, ORBIS bulk containers are extremely durable and robust when handled properly. In the rare case of a damaged container,  you can easily replace the damaged parts with original ones. Just a few steps are required to disassemble separate parts, such as side walls, latches, hinges or the base, and replace them with new ones. No special tooling is necessary to perform these steps. For additional information, see our handling and repair videos.