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Compatible with ORBIS BulkPak® Family
Dust protection
Secure stacking
Compatible with standard footprints

cover / lids for returnable plastic bin GitterPak

Plastic FLCs with Dust Cover

ORBIS lids and covers are the perfect addition to our product offering of plastic foldable large containers. The dust covers are compatible with the BulkPak® Family shipping boxes and protect parts from dust and contamination during storage and transport. Due to the special design, the lids allow for secure stacking of bins. The innovative manufacturing process makes our non-hinged lids and covers particularly durable and robust.

Customised Inner Packaging Options for Improved Product Protection

We offer individual interior packaging solutions for all our returnable shipping boxes. For improved packaging density, our dunnage options are a customised to the component and the container used. Our interior packaging is suitable for sensitive and fragile parts. Using ORBIS plastic FLCs with project-specific inner packaging options leads to increased efficiency and less product breakage while decreasing logistics costs.

Benefits and added value of ORBIS transport bins with lid

Sustainable: reusable, recyclable

Quality, Service and attractive ROI

Lower risk of product damage

Robust with long service life

Secure stacking and handling

Buyback option for obsolete load carriers

Available Styles

1200 x 800
1000 x 1200
Special sizes
Interior packaging


Covers Product Specifications PDF
5MB, Last updated 09/07/2020

ORBIS Europe Product Catalog PDF
15MB, Last updated 31/07/2020

Additional Information

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collapsible plastic bin FLC with cover / lids

Compatible with the ORBIS GitterPak® (1200 x 800)

The CHDB1208 Top Cap is designed to fit seamlessly on all ORBIS FLCs with a 1200 x 800 footprint. This dust cover is the perfect addition to the ORBIS Europe GitterPak®.

Compatible Top CapCHDB1208 Top
Manufacturing ProcessHigh Pressure
Outside Dimensions (L x W x H)1225 x 825 x 51
Weight (kg)5,4

Compatible with the ORBIS HDB1012 (1000 x 1200)

The CHDB1012 cover fits perfectly on all FLCs with 1000 x 1200 bases which includes the HDB1012 for automotive and industrial applications and the IonPak® dangerous goods shipping box (depending on the footprint of choice).

Compatible Top CapCHDB1012 Top Cap
Manufacturing ProcessHigh Pressure
Outside Dimensions (L x W x H)1013 x 1213 x 52
Weight (kg)5,75
cover / lids for returnable plastic bin GitterPak

Special sizes

All ORBIS FLCs and XXLPaks are available with dust covers that are adapted to heavy-duty applications. Special sizes and extra-large covers are available upon request.

Compatible Top CapCHDR3230
Outside Dimensions (L x W x H)838 x 787 x 76
Inside Dimensions (L x W)775 x 823
Product Clearance43
Weight (kg)4,6
Special sizes for ORBIS XXLPak1435 x 1219 / 1638 x 1219 / 1778 x 1219

Protective interior dunnage solutions

Dunnage is the interior packaging that is used to store goods safely inside the ORBIS foldable large containers. Custom designed for the customer’s products, ORBIS’ interior packaging solutions protect parts from dust and contamination during storage and transport. We design dunnage solutions according to part size and weight.

Custom interior packaging for:

  • Ideal part positioning and separation
  • Shock resistance
  • Optimised pack density
  • Maximum container capacity
  • Highest possible part protection
  • ESD sensitivity
custom dunnage and invidual inner packaging for plastic packgaging

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Our Foldable Large Plastic Containers

foldable large container HDB1012 for Auotmotive and Industry 1000 x 1200


Designed to protect and transport parts
in automotive and industrial applications

1000 x 1200

ORBIS GitterPak, faltbarer Großladungsträger aus Kunststoff 1200 x 800


Sustainable 1 to 1 substitute
for metal gitterboxes

1200 x 800

HDR Family of custom foldable large containers in Extended Length

XXLPak Extended Length Bins

Heavy-duty collapsible containers
for extremely long and hard-to-fit parts

OceanPak: foldable large container for intercontinental shipments and sea freight


Optimised footprint for
intercontinental ocean freight

1190 x 1135

ORBIS IonPak für den Transport von Lithium-Ionen-Batterien und Gefahrgut

Dangerous Goods Packaging IonPak®

UN-certified plastic shipping boxes
for Li-ion batteries and solid dangerous goods

About bulk boxes with top cap

Plastic transport boxes with dust cover

During storage and transport, components need protection from dust and contamination. ORBIS offers a portfolio of covers and top caps, that are compatible with our foldable large plastic containers. Our dust covers are not hinged and removable for easy loading and unloading. The special lid design allows for secure stacking of bins (up to 1 + 5 static / 1 + 2 dynamic). Like all plastic shipping boxes, our top caps are manufactured using an innovative process for a robust and durable design. We use up to 90% recycled plastics, significantly reducing CO2 emissions. ORBIS dust covers are the perfect addition to our range of foldable large containers.

Custom interior packaging and dunnage

In order to prevent losses across the supply chain, product protection is a key focus for companies. We offer packaging aids that are compatible with the different transport bins and protect the packaged goods from contamination and damage. Individual interior packaging solutions are customised according to the specific product and the container used to ship the goods. We look at factors such as part size, part weight, maximum container capacity and ideal part positioning to design the right inner packaging solution. We ensure that your product arrives at the destination in the same condition it was packaged, while improving packing density and efficiency. By combining robust bulk containers with fitting top caps and custom dunnage solutions, your products are safely packed.