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Lids & Accessories BulkPak Family

Lids, Dunnage and other Accessories for Foldable Large Containers

Customizable, robust and sustainable – ORBIS Europe lids and dunnage are the perfect addition to our product offering of sustainable foldable large containers. Choose from a wide variety of covers and dunnage options for ORBIS plastic bulk containers. Designed for each different footprint, these covers and custom dunnage protect parts from dust and contamination during storage and transport. The inner packaging can be adapted to your product to protect from damage and improve packaging density. All accessory options are manufactured using only high-quality and recyclable materials to ensure durability and sustainability.

collapsible plastic bin FLC with cover / lids

Compatible with the
ORBIS GitterPak® (1200 x 800)

The CHDB1208 Top Cap is designed to fit seamlessly on all ORBIS FLCs with a 1200 x 800 footprint. This cover is the perfect addition to the ORBIS Europe GitterPak®.

Compatible Top CapCHDB1208 Top
Manufacturing ProcessHigh Pressure
Outside Dimensions (L x W x H)1225 x 825 x 51
Weight (kg)5.4

Compatible with the
ORBIS HDB1012 (1000 x 1200)

The CHDB1012 and CHDR4048 covers fit perfectly on all FLCs with 1000 x 1200 bases which includes the HDB1012 and the IonPak® (depending on the footprint of choice).

Compatible Top CapCHDB1012 Top CapCHDR4048 Cover
Manufacturing ProcessHigh PressureStructural Foam
Outside Dimensions (L x W x H)1013 x 1213 x 521019 x 1220 x 94
Inside Dimensions (L x W)1007 x 12071006 x 1208
Weight (kg)5.7510.43
cover / lids for returnable plastic bin GitterPak
Covers and custom dunnage for ORBIS Europe Foldable Large Container

Compatible with the

The CHDR3230 top cap is suitable for the HDR 32“ x 30“ plastic bin that is used in heavy-duty applications.

Compatible Top CapCHDR3230
Outside Dimensions (L x W x H)838 x 787 x 76
Inside Dimensions (L x W)775 x 823
Product Clearance43
Weight (kg)4.6

Custom Protective Dunnage

Dunnage is the inner packaging that is used to store goods safely inside the ORBIS foldable large containers. Adapted to the customer’s product, custom dunnage protects parts from dust and contamination during storage and transport. Improved packaging density leads to increased efficiency and less product breakage while decreasing logistics costs.

Dunnage Design Considerations:

  • Part Size
  • Part Weight
  • Weight Distribution
  • Part Orientation
  • Part Separation
  • Class A Protection
  • Shock Density
  • ESD Sensivity
  • Pack Density
  • Production Volumes
  • Maximum Container Weight
  • Lineside Presentation
custom dunnage and invidual inner packaging for plastic packgaging
custom dunnage and invidual inner packaging for plastic bins

Benefits include

  • improves container load distribution
  • reduces transportation and packaging costs
  • consistent inventory measurements
  • improves warehouse utilization
  • reduces down-time on production lines
  • reduces waste

We can adapt all accessories to your needs and offer you additional designs. Contact our packaging experts to learn more.

HDB1012 1000 x 1200

foldable large container HDB1012 for Auotmotive and Industry 1000 x 1200

GitterPak® 1200 x 800

ORBIS GitterPak, faltbarer Großladungsträger aus Kunststoff 1200 x 800

IonPak® – Lithium Ion Battery Transport

ORBIS IonPak Safe and Efficient Transportation of Lihtium Ion Batteries and Dangerous Goods

OceanPak® 1190 x 1135

OceanPak: foldable large container for intercontinental shipments and sea freight

Extended Length
and Custom

HDR Family of custom foldable large containers in Extended Length