Manufacturing Transport Packaging Solutions from Plastic

ORBIS is a global manufacturer of plastic transport packaging. Our returnable plastic transport packaging solutions are sustainable and efficient alternatives to conventional transport packaging. The product portfolio includes foldable large containers (FLCs), Lithium-Ion battery shipping boxes and reusable pallets – all made from plastics. The conversion from wood, corrugated or steel packaging to plastic transport packaging has brought many world-class companies significant financial savings and operational benefits.

ladungsträger aus kunststoff

Foldable Large Containers

lithium ion battery packaging

Dangerous Goods Containers

Paletten und ladungsträger aus kunststoff

Plastic Pallets

Zubehör für ladungsträger aus kunststoff


Robust Plastic Packaging for Transportation and Storage

ORBIS Europe plastic transport packaging is used to move, store or distribute products within single operations and entire supply chains. Our plastic FLCs and pallets are easy to implement along different points of the process – from raw material to finished goods. With standardised and customised transport packaging solutions, we help companies more their product in a fast, safe and cost-efficient way. Check out our video series to discover how our product life cycle follows the circular economy principle.

Transport Packaging Solutions from ORBIS Europe offer…

  Innovative manufacturing processes

  Robust foldable large containers and pallets

Long life cycle and quick ROI

  CO2 reduction, 100% plastics recyclability


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Our Transport Packaging Solutions

ladungsträger aus kunststoff

BulkPak® Family

Plastic foldable large containers (FLCs)

ORBIS plastic FLCs are an efficient and sustainable alternative to steel, cardboard or wooden packaging. The foldable industrial bins with Standard footprints are easy to implement along different points of the supply chain and can be adapted to customer preferences.

Available dimensions

HDB1210 1200 x 1000
GitterPak 1200 x 800
OceanPak 1190 x 1135


900 kg weight capacity
Stackable 1 + 5 static / 1 + 2 dynamic
Fold-down ratio 1 : 3

lithium ion battery packaging

IonPak Dangerous Goods Packaging

UN approved plastic container for Li-Ion batteries

The collapsible heavy-duty IonPak® was designed to safely transport lithium-ion batteries. Offering a complete packaging solution for other solid dangerous goods (e.g. airbags, belt tensioners), the plastic FLC is available in European standard footprints.

Available footprints

Dangerous Goods Packaging 1200 x 1000
1200 x 800
1600 x 1200


Collapsible, stackable
Cost savings of up to 50% during return transport
Approval up to 477-915 kg max gross weight

Paletten und ladungsträger aus kunststoff


Robust and durable plastic pallets

Returnable plastic pallets are sustainable, safe and efficient alternative to wooden pallets. ORBIS‘ high-quality plastic pallets offer a long service life and are therefore suitable for high circulation rates. Easy handling and hygienic properties help improve workplace safety.


High quality standards
Easy to clean
Robust and durable
Returnable, recyclable


Automotive Industry, FMCG, Food & Beverage, Industrial Manufacturing, Retail

Zubehör für ladungsträger aus kunststoff


Optimized product protection during transport and storage

ORBIS Europe lids and inner packaging options are the perfect addition to our product offering of robust foldable large containers. Combine a plastic bulk container with the suitable dust cover and inner packaging for comprehensive product protection.


Individual, customisable
Comprehensive product protection


Automotive Industry, Industrial Manufacturing

Compare the environmental impact of your packaging

Sample Results of Packaging Life Cycle Assessment

Packaging Life Cycle Assessments 

A life cycle assessment is a systematic approach used to quantify and evaluate the environmental impacts of a product, process, or activity through every phase of its life. Using a data-driven approach, ORBIS helps customers evaluate the benefits of switching to reusable packaging.

Which advantages and added value does plastic transport packaging offer?

Are you looking for a well-managed logistical cycle? Are you suffering from high product damage rates and high waste disposal and packaging costs? Do you have a concern about a clean environment? Then, implementing plastic containers and pallets is right for your business. Using plastic packaging solutions reduces costs for logistics, disposal as well as maintenance and improves efficiency and sustainability in your supply chain. Additional benefits include:

Innovative manufacturing process

High weight capacity, collapsible and stackable

    Easy maintenance and handling

Reusable, recyclable, buy back option

Durable and robust

Optimised space utilisation, cost savings

Workplace safety

CO2 reduction, sustainability, no disposal necessary

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The benefits of plastic transport packaging

As leading companies continue to drive sustainability in their business, they start reviewing and optimizing every point of their supply chain. That includes the packaging used to move their product. Today, more and more companies are implementing plastic transport packaging solutions in order to optimize sustainability and efficiency in their processes. ORBIS Europe plastic containers, pallets and bulk systems improve the flow of product for reduced costs, enhanced profitability and added sustainability.

Plastic Bulk Containers – with cover, with inner packaging

Product protection and cleanliness – ORBIS offers transport plastic packaging with suitable accessories, e.g. covers and inner packaging, that improve the flow of product across the supply chain. The plastic lids are adapted to the different footprints and protect your products from contamination, dust and damage. Added to that, ORBIS Europe offers individual inner packaging solutions. By adapting them to the different components, we develop transport packaging solutions that fit our customer’s needs. If you have questions about our different accessories and customization options, contact our packaging experts to learn more.

Manufacturer of foldable large containers and pallets

ORBIS Europe develops, manufactures and markets transport packaging solutions: Foldable bulk bins and plastic pallets. Reusable Plastic Containers and Pallets are the ideal alternative to conventional steel, wooden and corrugated packaging. We manufacture our product portfolio from recycled plastics. Due to the innovative manufacturing process, our load carriers are extremely durable and robust. ORBIS plastic FLCs are suitable for a variety of industries, especially manufacturing applications such as the automotive industry. ORBIS plastic pallets can be used in food and beverage industries, retail, FMCG and industrial manufacturing. The plastic transport packaging meet the requirements of the different industries and can easily be integrated into existing supply chains and processes.