Plastic Food Pallet: Can End Pallet


Robust Returnable Plastic Pallets






High load capacities
Long service life
Stackable design
4-way entry


    Returnable Plastic Pallets: Durable and Robust

    ORBIS plastic pallets suitable for applications with high circulation rates. Due to our special manufacturing process, our returnable pallets have a thick walled, robust design which makes them resistant and resilient in heavy-duty applications. Plastic pallets are easier to clean, non-porous and have a smooth, closed surface. The increased hygienic properties make them not only suitable for industrial applications but also for food and beverage industries. With high load capacities and a low tare weight, ORBIS returnable pallets reduce supply chain costs. At the same time, plastic pallets improve workplace safety due to the easy and secure handling of all-plastic packaging solutions.

    The Sustainable Alternative to Wooden Pallets

    More and more companies today recognize the benefits of reusable plastic pallets and start a shift in thinking – by switching from conventional wooden pallets to durable plastic pallets. At ORBIS, saving CO2 emissions starts with the production process by using recycled plastics. No splintering and no mold and therefore less product damage lead to lowered costs for maintenance and waste disposal. Reusable Pallets make a tremendous number of trips before being recycled, so they represent great savings over wood pallets on a cost-per-trip basis. Plastic pallets are 100% recyclable and can be turned back into new pallets staying within a closed ecological circuit. They retain their material value, even at the end of their operational lives. When using plastic pallets, the motto is: recycling, not disposal.

    Benefits and Added Values of ORBIS Plastic Pallets

    High load capacities

    Total system solutions

    Improved quality control

    Lower risk of product damage

    Durable and robust

    Sustainable: returnable, recyclable

    Improved workplace safety

    No packaging waste

    ORBIS Returnable Plastic Pallets in Detail

    Easy and quick maintenance on site – without special tooling

    3-Konnektor-Paletten für Getränke

    Robust Bottom

    Kunststoffpaletten mit robusten Kufen

    4-way entry

    Hygiene Paletten mit glatter Oberfläche

    Smooth surface

    Stapelbar Konnektor Paletten


    Recyclable Layer Pads for Reusable Plastic Pallets

    Layer pads

    Top Frames for Reusable Plastic Pallets

    Top frames

    Available Product Variants

    ORBIS Europe offers the following returnable plastic pallets:

    Plastic Food Pallet: Can End Pallet

    Food & Beverage

    Standard footprints for the efficient transportation
    of cans, bottles and other rigid products

    Recyclable Top Frames for Reusable Plastic Pallets

    Layer Pads & Top Frames

    For maximum product protection
    and unit load stability

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    Frequently Asked Questions about ORBIS Plastic Pallets

    Which benefits do plastic pallets offer when compared to wood pallets?

    In many industries, wood pallets are still the standard packaging solution. In the last few decades, progressive industries and world-class companies have recognized the economic, ergonomic and environmental benefits of converting from wood pallets to plastic pallets. First of all, plastic pallets impress with form stability and longevity. Thanks to the ORBIS manufacturing process, our pallets are extremely robust while having a relatively low tare weight. Wood is not moisture resistant. Wooden pallets often absorb moisture and start to splinter or even rot, leading to product damage and contamination. Pallets with an all-plastic design are relatively light, facilitating handling and cleaning. In the rare case of damage, ORBIS plastic pallets can easily be repaired on site by using original spare parts. No special tooling is necessary.

    Plastic pallets make a tremendous number of trips before being recycled, so they represent great savings over wood pallets on a cost-per-trip basis. By eliminating wood pallets, plastic pallets reduce packaging waste. After a long life, we offer to buy back obsolete plastic pallets and recycle them to 100% into other useful packaging products.

    Which types of pallets does ORBIS Europe offer?

    Pallets are used to store and transport heavy goods in many industries. They often have runners for simplified handling and moving with forklifts. ORBIS Europe offers returnable plastic pallets for different industries. ORBIS food & beverage pallets are available in Standard footprints and compatible with existing processes and supply chains. In combination with layer pads and top frames, F&B pallets securely stack pallet loads of cans, bottles and similar products.

    Which pallet suits my supply chain?

    Whether you need space-saving retail pallets, the classic plastic Euro pallet or returnable plastic pallets for beverage cans – ORBIS offers the right packaging solution for your supply chain. Which one of the plastic pallets is the right choice for you depends on many factors. Our packaging consultants look at your existing processes, the products you want to transport and the means and routes of transportation. We use this information to choose the right plastic pallet for your application. Our offering of returnable pallets includes: 1120 x 1300 / 1120 x 1420 / 1180 x 1265 mm, ISO dimensions 1200 x 1000 mm, smooth surface, hygienic pallets, extremely robust pallets, racking pallets, with layer pads or top frames and stackable pallets. We can help you find the right plastic load carrier for your supply chain.