Plastic Food Pallets for Food & Beverage Industries

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Robust, reusable pallets
Tapered 4-way entry
Pallets available with coloured connectors
Available with top frames and layer pads

Getränkepaletten mit Zwischenlagen und Aufsatzrahmen

Plastic Pallets for Food & Beverage Industries

Packaging solutions in food and beverage applications need to meet high standards and requirements. Durability, hygienic properties, comprehensive product protection and a long service life are key for manufacturers in this area. ORBIS Europe plastic food pallets protect beverage cans and bottles during processing, storage and distribution applications throughout the entire supply chain. We offer a variety of footprints that fit into existing processes and systems. Some of our beverage / food pallets are available with coloured connectors that can easily be replaced due to our clicking-system. All-plastic pallets have a non-porous surface which is hygienic and easy to clean.

From Wood to Plastic for the Environment 

Switching from wooden pallets to plastic pallets brings considerable advantages to the supply chain. Besides improved workplace safety and superior cleanliness, ORBIS plastic food & beverage pallets offer a long service life. Due to our special manufacturing process, our reusable pallets are extremely durable and make a tremendous number of trips before being recycled. In that way, they represent great savings over wood pallets on a cost-per-trip basis. Plastic pallets help eliminate product damage that can occur from splinters, nails and dust by keeping wood and fibre out of your plant. As an economical and ecological alternative to wooden pallets, ORBIS plastic food pallets are up to 100% recyclable and can be returned to ORBIS for recycling.

Options: Hot stamp, molded-in logo, grommets. bar coding, custom colors

Benefits and added values of food & beverage pallets

Sustainable: reusable, recyclable

  Reduced cost per trip

Easy maintenance & quick ROI

Lower risk of product damage

Total system solutions

Robust with long service life

Superior cleanliness and workplace safety

Buyback of recyclable plastic pallets

Available Styles

German Pallet 1180 x 1265
UK Pallet 1120 x 1300
Spanish Pallet 1120 x 1420
Can End Pallet 1000 x 1200



Getränkepaletten aus Kunststoff mit Zwischenlagen und Aufsatzrahmen

Layer pads and top frames securely stabilise loads of product.

Available footprints

Our plastic pallets for food and beverage are available in different footprints. We are happy to advise you.

Paletten Kunststoff Dosen Getränke
ModelGerman Pallet
Dimensions (mm)1180 x 1265 x 133
Alternate dimensions (mm)1180 x 1250 x 133
Load capacity, static10.000 kg
Load capacity, dynamic1.250 kg
Weight22,6 kg

German Pallet 1180 x 1265

The German pallet with a 1180 x 1265 mm footprint efficiently transports cans and bottles in the food and beverage industry. With increased deck ventilation, the plastic pallet is ideal for automated and manual washing systems.

  • Two-piece snap-fit design
  • Available in FDA approved material
  • Returnable plastic pallet
  • Tapered 4-way entry
  • Options available
  • Available in different variants

UK Pallet 1120 x 1300

With a 1120 x 1300 mm footprint, the UK pallet offers workplace safety, superior cleanliness, increased performance and sustainability in the supply chain.

  • Available in FDA approved material
  • With recessed area for bar coding
  • Easy and quick maintenance on site
  • Tapered 4-way entry
UK Beverage Pallets Plastic
ModelUK Pallet
Dimensions (mm)1120 x 1300 x 140
Load capacity, static10.000 kg
Load capacity, dynamic1.250 kg
Weight23 kg
Plastic food pallet 1120 x 1420
ModelSpanish Pallet NV
Dimensions (mm)1120 x 1420 x 140
Load capacity, stat.10.000 kg
Load capacity, dyn.1.250 kg
Weight28,5 kg

Spanish Pallet 1120 x 1420

The Spanish pallet is suitable for existing supply chains in food and beverage industries. The plastic pallet with a 1120 x 1420 mm footprint increases efficiency in your supply chain.

  • Two-piece snap-fit design
  • Flow through hygienic design for automated and manual washing systems
  • Double wall thickness pallets blocks for durability to handling impact
  • Tapered 4-way entry
  • Available with options

Can End Pallet 1000 x 1200

With a standard industrial footprint of 1000 x 1200 mm, the Can End Pallet is compatible with all palletizers, conveyors and automatic systems in a variety of industries, e.g. beverage industry.

  • Available in FDA approved material
  • Compatible with existing supply chains in different industries
  • Recessed area for bar coding
  • Returnable plastic pallet
  • Tapered 4-way entry
Plastic Food Pallet: Can End Pallet
ModelCan End Pallet
Dimensions (mm)1000 x 1200 x 160
Load capacity, static10.000 kg
Load capacity, dynamic1.250 kg
Weight24 kg

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Accessories and additional load carriers

Recyclable Top Frames for Reusable Plastic Pallets

Top Frames and Layer Pads

Available in different sizes and variants
to secure and protect loads of product

1000 x 1200 / 1120 x 1300
1120 x 1420 / 1180 x 1265

ORBIS GitterPak, faltbare Palettenbox aus Kunststoff 1200 x 800

Foldable Large Containers

Sustainable and efficient alternatives
to conventional packaging products

1200 x 800  / 1000 x 1200
1190 x 1135 / XXL Boxes

Frequently Asked Questions About Plastic Pallets for Food & Beverage

For which products can ORBIS’ food & beverage pallets be used? 

ORBIS Europe plastic pallets are designed to convey beverage products, aluminum and steel cans, glass and plastic bottles, can ends and other rigid packages on many palletizers and conveyor systems. They are especially suitable for use during processing, storage and distribution applications throughout the supply chain in the beverage industry. Everything that you can transport on wooden pallets, you can transport on ORBIS plastic pallets – but in a more efficient, safe and sustainable way. We can help you find the right packaging solution for your product and application.

What is the purpose of layer pads and top frames?

Protecting the goods during storage and transport is the main focus of companies using pallets to move their goods. ORBIS Europe offers layer pads/divider sheets and top frames that are ideal to safely transport aluminum and steel cans, plastic and glass bottles and other rigid packaging. Combining plastic food pallets with divider sheets and top frames helps to securely stack product loads. In comparison to carton top frames and layer pads, ORBIS products are manufactured from robust and reusable plastic. They are moisture-resistant, washable and 100% recyclable. Due to smooth surfaces, rounded corners, antistatic material and weather-resistance, plastic top frames and layer pads reduce product damage and contamination to a minimum. Implement plastic pallets, top frames and divider sheets for comprehensive product protection.

What is special about ORBIS pallets for the food & beverage industry? 

ORBIS food & beverage pallets are available in a variety of footprints: German Pallet 1180×1265, UK Pallet 1120×1300, Spanish Pallet 1120×1420 and Can End Pallet 1000×1200. All ORBIS pallets have one thing in common: They help optimise the supply chain. Due to the special manufacturing process, the plastic pallets offer high load capacities and hold large product loads of cans or bottles. In case additional product protection is necessary, we can offer different top frames and layer pads. No splintering and no mold and therefore less product damage lead to lowered costs for maintenance and waste disposal. Moreover, plastic pallets provide a safe and comfortable handling solution improving workplace safety while impressing with form stability and a long service life. ORBIS provides quality that supports and attractive ROI, service that gives customers peace of mind and product support so that they can focus on their core business.