XXLPak Extended Length Bins






900 kg weight capacity
Multiple footprints available
Extended length bins for long and hard-to-fit parts
Available with 0-4 doors

large plastic bulk containers extended length

Large Collapsible Bulk Containers

ORBIS Europe offers a diverse family of large collapsible bulk containers for rugged industrial and automotive applications. These reusable bulk containers are designed for a long service life and are available in a variety of footprints. From extended length collapsible designs to durable, fixed wall designs, the XXLPak reusable bulk containers are ideal for handling, storing and transporting long and heavy components in the supply chain. With safe handling, significant cost savings and a durable, all-plastic design, ORBIS large plastic bulk containers offer an attractive ROI.

Heavy-duty collapsible containers for long and heavy components

Our heavy duty collapsible bulk containers are part of the BulkPak® line and transport even bulky, hard-to-fit parts safely. At the same time, the large FLCs hold up to 900 kg. With a return ratio of up to 1 : 2,6, the collapsible bulk containers optimise space utilisation during storage and return transport. You can choose from multiple footprints, heights, door configurations and labelling options in order to adapt our large bulk containers to your supply chain needs.

Benefits and Added Value of ORBIS XXLPak

Up to 900 kg weight capacity

Collapsible or fixed wall designs

Optimised space utilisation

Decreased product damage, no rust

Robust with long service life

Sustainable: returnable, recyclable

Reduced costs for storage and transport

Improved workplace safety



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Additional Information

We offer suitable dust covers and inner packaging solutions for the ORBIS XXLPaks and extended length containers.

Available Styles

ORBIS’ large bulk containers are available in different footprints, heights and variants. We are happy to advise you.

large plastic bulk containers with extended length


The collapsible bulk container with extended length is designed to handle extremely long and hard-to-fit parts. All extra long bulk containers are available with wide access doors and manufactured from high-density polyethylene using a structural foam-molding process for increased durability.

  • Foldable and stackable to reduce shipping costs
  • Ideal size for logistics and automated systems
  • Multiple heights and access door configurations
  • Dust covers in custom sizes available
ModelHDR5648-34 NVHDR6548-25 NVHDR6548-34 NVHDR6548-50HDR7048-34HDR7848-34
Outside Dimensions (L x W x H)1435 x 1219 x 8791638 x 1219 x 6501638 x 1219 x 8791638 x 1219 x 12701778 x 1219 x 8641981 x 1219 x 864
Inside Dimensions (L x W)1354 x 11381557 x 11381557 x 11381557 x 11381687 x 11301892 x 1130
Product Clearance6834576811090678678
Collapsed Height345345345561338338
Container Capacity (kg)900900900900675675
Weight (kg)898298113103104

ORBIS 32″ x 30″ Plastic Container

The reusable bulk container 32‘‘ x 30‘‘ is ideal for metal stampings and other heavy, dense components. With a weight capacity of 900 kg, the plastic bulk container is built for long-lasting durability in heavy-duty applications. Additional footprints and variants are available.

  • Foldable and stackable to reduce shipping costs
  • Ideal size for logistics and automated systems
  • Dust covers available
extended length and custom plastic container / bulk bins HDR 32 x 30
ModelHDR3230-25 NVHDR3230-34 NV
Outside Dimensions (L x W x H)813 x 762 x 635813 x 762 x 864
Inside Dimensions (L x W)742 x 693743 x 693
Product Clearance465694
Collapsed Height335335
Container Capacity (kg)900900
Weight (kg)2937
XXL Boxen aus Kunststoff Großvolumenbehälter mit starren Wänden

ORBIS Fixed Wall Container

ORBIS offers a variety of large bulk containers with fixed walls. Designed to hold 900 kg and to replace wire baskets, these robust containers are built for long-lasting durability in heavy-duty applications.

  • Fixed walls
  • Two base options include standard 4-way forklift entry
Outside Dimensions (L x W x H)813 x 762 x 4571201 x 1006 x 409 1219 x 1143 x 4901219 x 1143 x 5411219 x 1143 x 630
Inside Dimensions (L x W)742 x 6931107 x 9141125 x 10491125 x 10491125 x 1049
Product Clearance292236323373457
Container Capacity (kg)900900900900900
Weight (kg)234245.948.654

Areas of Application

Our large plastic bulk containers are suitable for:

Automotive Industry

With high load capacities and a durable all-plastic design, ORBIS reusable bulk containers are designed to store and transport heavy-duty parts in automotive supply chains. Our XXLPaks can protect even large and bulky items during storage and transportation. ORBIS bulk containers are efficient and sustainable alternatives to conventional packaging solutions such as metal crates and wooden boxes.

Industrial Manufacturing

ORBIS offers reusable large bulk containers that maximize product flow efficiency in the industrial supply chains. The collapsible or non-collapsible bulk containers are designed to withstand the rigorous, heavy load requirements in the manufacturing environment. With a weight capacity of 900 kg and extended length footprints, the ORBIS XXLPak hold heavy and bulky components.

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Other Plastic Bulk Containers

ORBIS GitterPak, faltbare Palettenbox aus Kunststoff 1200 x 800


Collapsible 1 to 1 substitute
for metal gitterboxes

1200 x 800

ORBIS IonPak für den Transport von Lithium-Ionen-Batterien und Gefahrgut

Dangerous Goods Packaging IonPak®

UN-certified plastic shipping boxes
for Li-ion batteries and solid dangerous goods

1200 x 800 / 1200 x 1000 / …

Plastic Bulk Containers 1200 x 1000


Designed to protect and transport parts
in automotive and industrial applications

1200 x 1000

OceanPak: foldable large container for intercontinental shipments and sea freight


Optimised footprint for
intercontinental ocean freight

1190 x 1135

Frequently Asked Questions About ORBIS Plastic Bulk Containers

What are large collapsible bulk containers?

Just as plastic FLCs, ORBIS XXLPaks are designed to transport large and bulky components. The extended length containers offer standardised footprints for easy integration into existing supply chains in manufacturing industries such as the automotive industry. Compared to steel containers, large plastic bulk containers offer a lighter tare weight with similar stability and weight capacity. XXLPaks are durable and robust and bring increased sustainability and efficiency to the industrial supply chain. All large bulk containers are available with dust covers in custom sizes.

Are ORBIS XXLPak bulk containers sustainable?

ORBIS large plastic bulk containers with extended length are manufactured using a special manufacturing process for increased durability and robustness while featuring a relatively low tare weight. The process allows the use of high percentages of recycled material, saving CO2 emissions during the production process. It also makes the reusable bulk container extremely durable. Due to the all-plastic design, the large bulk containers do not rust and reduce product damage. The ORBIS XXLPaks are manufactured from 100% recyclable materials. At the end of the service life, we offer to buy back obsolete plastic containers and put the raw materials to use for new packaging production.