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Automotive returnable packaging
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Shipping boxes for Li-Ion batteries

Returnable Packaging for Automotive

For OEMs and automotive suppliers, optimised efficiency and sustainability in the supply chain is key. For decades, ORBIS has led the conversion to returnable plastic packaging in the automotive industry. Our customers profit from years of experience in implementing collapsible plastic bins at suppliers and OEMs globally. Returnable packaging for automotive applications – such as the BulkPak® Family of FLCs – offer great potential for cost savings and CO2 reduction. With a collapsible, stackable design and high weight capacities, automotive logistics packaging optimises part shipments across global supply chains in the automotive industry. Our foldable large containers are available in different footprints: In European standard dimensions 1200 x 800, in industrial standard dimensions 1200 x 1000, optimised for ocean freight or XXL Boxes in extended length.

Automotive Parts Packaging Solutions 

At ORBIS Europe, we understand that the automotive industry requires specialized packaging solutions for its parts. Our automotive parts packaging solutions are designed to ensure safe and efficient transportation of a wide range of automotive components – from heavy metal components to batteries. The automotive containers are robust and hold up to 900 kg for heavy components in automotive supply chains. We adapt our automotive parts packaging solutions to meet specific customer needs, including dunnage design. By using reusable and recyclable packaging solutions, our customers reduce waste, minimise their carbon footprint, and lower their overall packaging costs.

Benefits and Added Values of Automotive Returnable Packaging

High weight capacities

Foldable and stackable

Improved quality control

Lower risk of product damage

Robust with long service life

CO2 reduction

Improved workplace safety

No packaging waste


Additional Information

Automotive Packaging Solutions

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Returnable Packaging for Automotive – Overview

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BulkPak® Family

Plastic foldable large containers

ORBIS plastic FLCs are an efficient and sustainable alternative to steel, cardboard or wooden packaging. The foldable industrial bins with Standard footprints are easy to implement along different points of the supply chain and can be adapted to customer preferences.

Available footprints

HDB1210 1200 x 1000
GitterPak 1200 x 800
Dangerous Goods Packaging 1200 x 1000 / 1200 x 800
OceanPak 1190 x 1135


900 kg weight capacity
Stackable 1 + 5 static / 1 + 2 dynamic
Fold-down ratio 1 : 3

lithium ion battery packaging

IonPak® Dangerous Goods Packaging

Foldable plastic container for Li-Ion batteries

The collapsible heavy-duty IonPak® was designed to safely transport lithium-ion batteries. Offering a complete packaging solution for other solid dangerous goods (e.g. airbags, belt tensioners), the plastic FLC is available in European standard footprints.

Available footprints

Dangerous Goods Packaging 1200 x 1000 / 1200 x 800


Collapsible, stackable
Cost savings of up to 50% during return transport
UN-approval up to 400 kg

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    Frequently Asked Questions About ORBIS Automotive Packaging Solutions

    What kind of automotive parts can be transported in ORBIS automotive conatainers?

    The collapsible plastic containers of our BulkPak® Family have high weight capacities of up to 900 kg and can safely transport even heavy components. For large and bulky parts, ORBIS offers the XXLPak boxes in extended length. These extra-large containers hold components that cannot be transported in conventional shipping boxes. In case additional product protection is necessary, our packaging experts design custom inner packaging and dunnage solutions. For the transportation of dangerous goods, such as lithium ion batteries, ORBIS Europe offers different reusable FLCs with UN-certification. We can help you find the right automotive parts packaging solution for your application.

    Are the returnable packaging solutions certified for automotive lithium-ion batteries?

    The current shift towards e-mobility leads to challenges in the area of packaging. As lithium-ion batteries are classified as dangerous goods, the transport of these goods is subject to strict regulations. ORBIS has developed the IonPak®, a plastic foldable large container that is UN-certified to transport solid dangerous goods, such as lithium-ion batteries and airbags (after successful completion of fire testing). With qualified consulting, our dangerous goods safety advisors support you in finding the right automotive packaging solutions. We adapt the dimensions and inner packaging of our automotive containers to your product and logistics systems.

    What logistics benefits does returnable packaging bring to the automotive industry?

    ORBIS returnable packaging is ideal for automotive supply chains. The durable design makes the plastic foldable large containers suitable for repeated use – saving on packaging costs in the long run. A unparalleled weight capacity of up to 900 kg leads to optimised space utilisation in trucks or on rails. To improve product protection and minimise damage, we design robust outside and custom inside packaging solutions according to the specific component and application. The collapsible and stackable design of automotive logistics packaging brings considerable transportation cost savings and operational benefits to your supply chain. Finally, returnable containers enhance sustainability by reducing waste and emissions associated with single-use packaging.