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ORBIS IonPak Safe and Efficient Transportation of Lihtium Ion Batteries and Dangerous Goods

FLC for Lithium Battery Transport

ORBIS IonPak® 

As automakers continue to integrate enhanced electronic systems into their vehicles and launch fully electric versions, the need to protect the state-of-the-art lithium ion batteries is a growing focus for automotive packaging.

The collapsible heavy-duty IonPak® is designed to transport modular lithium-ion batteries safely, damage-free and cost-efficiently. The foldable large container can hold up to 36 lithium-ion-batteries in three layers. After removing the batteries, the plastic container can be collapsed, and the inner layers can be stacked in order to reduce the costs for return transport by up to 50%.

The ORBIS IonPak is suitable for solid dangerous goods and can be adapted to you specific product and packaging requirements. ORBIS Europe offers qualified consulting by a certified dangerous goods safety adviser. Contact our packaging experts to see if the IonPak can be adapted to your packaging application.

  • ORBIS IonPak® is certified to transport solid dangerous goods (e.g. UN3480)
  • Certifications: UN4H2/Y/S/*B/1697.657-200043
  • Successfully converts original steel case packaging to a collapsible plastic container for lithium battery transport
  • CO2 reduction of 60-70 kg per container during production process in comparison to standard materials
  • Protective foam dunnage layers for increased product protection
  • Utilizes an automotive industry standard footprint (1200x1000mm and 1200x800mm) designed to interface with customers existing supply chainTransport box for lithium ion batteries and dangerous goods class 9
  • Increases return ratio and warehousing savings with a collapsible container design
  • Eliminates risk of rust contamination and operator safety hazards

Click here in order to read what the German press says about the IonPak.

Frequently used footprints (mm)1000 x 1200

1200 x 800
Load capacity (kg)400
ApplicationsDangerous Goods / Lithium Battery Transport

HDB1012 1000 x 1200

foldable large container HDB1012 for Auotmotive and Industry 1000 x 1200

GitterPak® 1200 x 800

GitterPak: industrial FLC - plastic foldable large container 1200 x 800

OceanPak® 1190 x 1135

OceanPak: foldable large container for intercontinental shipments and sea freight

BulkPak HDR Extended Length & Custom

HDR Family of custom foldable large containers in Extended Length

Lids and Accessories

covers / lids for IonPak, lihtium-ion battery transport box