Videos about Repair and Handling of Reusable Plastic Packaging

ORBIS Europe FLCs and plastic pallets are easy to handle and easy to repair. The industrial bulk bins and pallets are made from recycled plastics. Due to special manufacturing processes, they are extremely robust and less susceptible to impacts. Plastic packaging improves safety in your supply chain, as it is easy to handle and you can seamlessly integrate it into manual or automated processes. Added to that, product damage is minimized compared to conventional packaging: an all-plastic design protects the contained products from rust, mold, moisture and scuffing that are often the consequences of wooden/corrugated or metal packaging. When properly used, reusable plastic packaging will have a long service life. See the handling videos below to know more.

Replacing parts of the plastic packaging solutions is easy without having to use special tools. Therefore, the side walls, latches and runners of foldable large containers can easily be exchanged with original parts and no special tooling is necessary to repair or exchange parts. Repairing ORBIS Europe plastic pallets is as easy as that. Find all videos with information on how to repair and how to handle our reusable containers and pallets below. Reusable Plastic Packaging: Easy Repair! Easy Handling!