ORBIS Europe develops and manufactures reusable transport packaging solutions for different applications. At ORBIS, innovation starts with our manufacturing process: Our transport boxes are robust and can securely hold up to 900 kg. Due to the collapsible and stackable design, our plastic containers can significantly reduce the costs for storage and transport. At the end of a long service life, we offer to buy back obsolete plastic load carriers. For a reduction of CO2 emissions, our plastic packaging solutions are 100% recyclable. ORBIS Europe offers innovative packaging solutions for a sustainable future.

Our Packaging Solutions

Innovative Verpackungslösungen und Transportbehälter aus Kunststoff

BulkPak® Family FLC

Plastic foldable large containers for automotive and industrial applications – stackable with 900 kg load capacity.

IonPak Gefahr

IonPak® Dangerous Goods Packaging

Safe transportation of lithium-ion batteries and solid dangerous goods in a UN-certified plastic bin.

Robuste Kunststoffpaletten aus Kunststoff


High-quality plastic pallets suitable for high circulation rates in food & beverage or industrial applications.

Zubehör für Verpackungslösungen und Großladungsträger aus Kunststoff

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Check out our offering of plastic transport packaging solutions for a variety of different industries.

GitterPak - Collapsible Plastic Pallet Box 1200 x 800

GitterPak® – Collapsible Plastic Pallet Box

With a European 1200 x 800 footprint, the foldable plastic pallet box is a reliable 1 to 1 substitute for metal gitterboxes.

Durable Plastic Load Carriers and Transport Packaging

ORBIS Europe packaging experts analyze your logistics systems and design a solution for longer-term cost savings, safety and sustainability in your supply chain. We create added values and help companies move their product in a fast, safe and cost-effective way. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Menasha Corporation, ORBIS has reusable packaging experience since 1849.

A Sustainable Life Cycle – From Beginning to End

At ORBIS, reducing CO2 emissions starts when manufacturing the foldable large containers as we use recycled material. For optimised space utilisation and cost savings across the entire supply chain, our foldable large containers are stackable (up to 1 + 5 static) and have a fold-down ratio of up to 1 : 3. Plastic bins and pallets can be reused multiple times. At the end of a long service life, plastic raw materials are 100% recyclable. Our consultants gladly inform you about our buyback option for obsolete containers.

Our Packaging Solutions Offer






Compare the environmental impact of your packaging

Sample Results of Packaging Life Cycle Assessment

Packaging Life Cycle Assessments 

A life cycle assessment is a systematic approach used to
quantify and evaluate the environmental impacts
of a product, process, or activity through every phase of its life.
Using a data-driven approach, ORBIS helps customers evaluate
the benefits of switching to reusable packaging.

Want to know more about our packaging solutions?

ORBIS transport packaging solutions include foldable large containers (FLC) for automotive and industrial applications and durable plastic pallets in standard sizes. A packaging consultant is happy to advise you.

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Sustainability and Innovation in Packaging

ORBIS Europe is a manufacturer of sustainable alternatives to conventional wood/steel/corrugated transport packaging: large load carrier, foldable plastic container, pallet box and returnable pallet. With additional options and customized inner packaging, you can adapt our plastic packaging solutions to your supply chain needs. We focus on sustainability and ongoing innovation: New product developments and a proven product range improve the supply chains of our customers every day.

Our Focus on Sustainability

ORBIS® Europe helps world-class companies
move their products in a fast, safe and cost-effective way.

ORBIS Europe: Manufacturing Sustainable FLCs, Bulk Bins, Pallets

As leading companies continue to drive sustainability in their business, they start to scrutinize every point of their supply chain. Today, more and more companies in industrial manufacturing, automotive, food and beverage applications use returnable plastic packaging as an alternative to conventional packaging solutions. Converting from expendable to returnable packaging brings significant financial savings and operational benefits while improving workplace safety, reducing product damage and supporting lean production.

Our packaging experts help you to make a positive impact on the environment and increase efficiency in your supply chain.