About ORBIS Europe


ORBIS is a part of Menasha Corporation, one of the oldest family-owned manufacturers in the United States. Since 2016, ORBIS represents its parent company in Europe and has its own offices, production facilities and storage in Germany and Belgium today. Our local team is there for you to support you with all packaging related matters and reusable transport packaging solutions.

A Shift in Thinking

ORBIS Europe constantly works on developing new reusable transport packaging solutions that improve efficiency and sustainability in your company. Our packaging experts analyze supply chains thoroughly and elaborate an innovative concept that is customized according to your company’s requirements.

ORBIS plastic packaging solutions are a sustainable alternative to steel, wood and cardboard. Therefore the reusable containers, pallets, dunnage, FLCs and KLTs can be used in different applications and adapted to your needs and wishes. Reusable and recyclable packaging improve the product flow along the supply chain and therefore reduce costs and improving profitability.



Sustainability Is At Our Core

ORBIS Europe moves your products in a fast, safe and cost-effective way.

Our foldable large containers, plastic pallets and reusable KLTs are used over and over during the course of their service life. At the end of their life, ORBIS recovers, recycles and reprocesses the plastic packaging into new useful products without entering the solid waste stream. Reusable plastic packaging helps reduce your ecological footprint and make a positive impact on the environment while reducing supply chain and waste disposal costs.



As a subsidiary of Menasha Corporation, ORBIS has a rich history in packaging. For more than 150 years, Menasha Corporation has been dedicated to a customer-focused approach to providing a diversified offering of high quality packaging products and services for a wide variety of industries. Menasha steps beyond traditional thinking: the great success comes from their unfailing foresight and courage to develop new products and expand into new markets. ORBIS Europe is part of today’s growth strategy outside of the US headquarters.


History: ORBIS Europe Reusable Transport Packaging

A small wooden pail factory was founded in Menasha, Wisconsin, producing safe, efficient packaging for different products.


Several hundred miles away, G.B. Lewis was founded. Then, with a newly developed machine, Lewis started producing high-performance wooden boxes.


ORBIS Europe History: Reusable Transport Packaging

Lewis designed the first fiberglass tote pan that was a lightweight, durable, low-cost alternative to wood boxes.


History: ORBIS Europe Reusable Plastic Pallets

The Menasha Corporation introduced a reusable plastic pallet product line.


ORBIS Europe History: Reusable Transport Packaging and Plastic TotesMenasha created ORBIS. Now customers had one source for high quality plastic reusable containers, pallets, custom interior dunnage and engineering services.


ORBIS Europe History: Reusable Transport Packaging and Bulk Bin Container



ORBIS introduced the comprehensive BulkPak product line, in industry-leading footprints and heights.


ORBIS became North America’s leader in plastic reusable packaging with its acquisition of a major bulk container manufacturer.


ORBIS comes to Europe opening a European headquarter in Cologne in August 2016.


GitterPak, sustainable replacement for steel gitterboxes



ORBIS Europe launches the GitterPak, an all-plastic collapsible reusable container designed to replace metal gitter boxes and steel bins.


IonPak, Reusable Transport Packaging for Lithium Battery TransportORBIS Europe launches the IonPak, the first bulk packaging solution to safely transport lithium ion batteries.