Circular Economy Product Life Cycle

The Circular Product Life Cycle



9. December 2022

Circular Economy Product Life Cycle
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ORBIS Europe develops and manufactures reusable transport packaging solutions – including standard container and pallet designs as well as customer-specific packaging solutions. Our plastic foldable large containers and pallets can be used in a variety of different industries. With European and American standard footprints, they provide sustainable and efficient alternatives to steel, wood and one-way packaging. ORBIS’ packaging experts work with our customers to find the right packaging solution to solve their supply chain challenges. We support with qualified consulting, including TCO calculations, in-house dunnage design and UN-certification.

Our production processes

At ORBIS, we use High-Pressure Injection Molding for most of our pallets and Low-Pressure Structural Foam Molding for our containers. During High-Pressure Injection Molding, the melted plastic is injected under high pressure until it fills a closed cavity mould. The part cools to create an exact shape of the mould. During Low-Pressure Structural Foam Molding, the melted plastic is mixed with additives and injected into a closed cavity mould under low pressure. By using high percentages of recycled material during production and reducing water and energy usage wherever possible, saving resources and CO2 emissions starts at the manufacturing process.

ORBIS’ bulk bins and pallets are designed for a long service life and an attractive ROI. See more in the video below:

The Supply Chain Benefits of Foldable Large Containers

The ORBIS Europe BulkPak® brand of foldable large containers helps global automotive and industrial companies streamline part shipments by converting from wood, steel or one-way packaging to reusable plastic boxes. By design, ORBIS’ foldable large containers are extremely robust and offer a weight capacity of up to 900 kg. The all-plastic design ensures comprehensive product protection and prevents metal-on-metal part damage.

The modular design allows customers to choose from different footprints and heights as well as door and bottom configurations. For increased transport efficiency, our FLCs are collapsible – with a return ratio of up to 1 : 3. In that way, customers can optimise space utilisation in return transport and warehouse. Plastic FLCs stack securely for further improved space utilisation. In storage, customers can stack up to 6 bins high. On a forklift, customers can move up to 3 bins at a time. The non-rusting, reusable design offers workplace safety, easy maintenance on site and simplified handling. Added to that, plastic packaging’s dimensional consistency is optimised for automated systems.

Buyback & Recycling of Plastic Packaging

Every day, ORBIS Europe helps customers reduce their overall environmental impact by shifting from single-use to returnable packaging solutions. ORBIS is a part of Menasha Corporation, one of the oldest family-owned manufacturers in the United States with more than 170 years of reusable packaging experience.

ORBIS packaging solutions are extremely robust by design and can be reused over and over. For an extended service life, customers can easily repair ORBIS’ foldable large containers and pallets on site with original spare parts. And we go one step further – by offering to buy back and recycle obsolete plastic load carriers at the end of their service life.

Recycle with ORBIS

The “Recycle with ORBIS” program provides an alternative to the disposal of surplus, damaged or obsolete plastic packaging. Fostering a circular economy approach, ORBIS buys back the plastics for the raw material value. The credit can be used to buy new packaging. ORBIS recycles 100% of the plastic raw materials it buys back. The plastics are reprocessed and used for new packaging production – creating a nearly closed, entirely sustainable raw material cycle. The ORBIS Recycling program prevents plastics from entering the solid wase stream and harming the environment.

That’s how ORBIS Europe offers innovative packaging solutions for a sustainable future following the circular economy principle.


    +49 2233 619 2072

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