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Innovative Verpackungslösungen   Innovative

Robuste Transportbehälter   Durable

Nachhaltige Ladungsträger   Sustainable

About our products

Foldable plastic pallet box 1200 x 800

Plastic foldable large containers (FLC)

Collapsible, stackable & 900 kg weight capacity.
For automotive and industrial applications.

1200 x 800 // 1200 x 1000 // Special sizes

Dangerous Goods Container for lithium-ion battery transportation

Dangerous Goods Container IonPak®

UN-certified packaging to transport
lithium-ion batteries and solid dangerous goods

1200 x 800  / 1200 x 1000

Sustainable Transport Packaging helps Drive Sustainability in your Supply Chain

Benefits and Added Values

Innovative manufacturing processes,
cost savings and CO2 reduction

ORBIS Automotive Load Carriers and returnable packaging solutions

About ORBIS Europe

Manufacturer of returnable plastic packaging
with more than 170 years of experience