Product Overview: Reusable Containers and Pallets

ORBIS Europe reusable plastic packaging is used to move, store or distribute products within single operations and entire supply chains. They are an efficient and sustainable alternative to steel, cardboard or wooden packaging and easy to implement along different points of the process (from raw material to finished goods). The ORBIS Europe product range includes foldable large containers (FLC), pallets, Kleinladungsträger (KLT) and suitable accessories for every application. The conversion from wood/corrugated/steel packaging to reusable plastic packaging has brought many world-class companies significant financial and operational benefits. Users will experience a rapid return on their packaging investment.

As today’s leading companies continue to drive sustainability in their business, they review and optimize every point of their supply chain, including the packaging used to move their product. In a sustainable supply chain, companies implement plastic packaging solutions and use them over and over during the long service life. Eventually, all reusable packaging solutions can be recycled and reprocessed into new useful products. Returnable plastic packaging is a greener alternative to conventional expendable packaging.

The Benefits of Returnable Plastic Packaging

Are you looking for a well-managed logistical cycle? Are you suffering from high product damage rates and high waste disposal and packaging costs? Do you have a concern about a clean environment? Then, implementing reusable containers and pallets is right for your business! Using reusable packaging solutions reduces logistics, disposal as well as maintenance costs and improves efficiency and sustainability in your supply chain. Additional benefits include:

  • Made to carry significant weight, very durable
  • Stacks safely, foldable
  • Improved flow of product and product protection
  • Long service life: returnable, reusable, recyclable
  • Improved quality control
  • Improved workplace safety and improved ergonomics
  • Reduced product damage
  • Reduced packaging waste
  • Supports lean production practices
  • Improved inventory management due to standardised sizes



Foldable Large Containers (FLC) can replace conventional wooden, steel or metal packaging. ORBIS bulk bins are designed to protect and transport parts in automotive and industrial applications. FLCs are stackable, collapsible and do not rust due to their all-plastic design. A weight capacity of up to 900kg, reusability and reclyclability are only some of their biggest assets.

Reusable Containers and Pallets - Foldable Large Container


Durable, insusceptible to impact and extremely robust – ORBIS‘ high-quality plastic pallets are made of virgin or recycled material which makes them suitable for high circulation rates. Returnable plastic pallets are a sustainable and efficient alternative to wooden pallets.

Reusable Containers and Pallets


ORBIS Europe offers a variety of VDA KLT straight wall totes for industry and retail as well as a wide range of other applications. The plastic KLTs are robust, reusable and recyclable and have an internal volume of up to 50 l. ESD-safe materials are available for electrical component packaging in the small load carriers.

Reusable Containers and Pallets and Plastic VDA KLTs (small load carrier)


Custom-fit lids, custom protective dunnage, layer pads and top frames – ORBIS Europe offers a wide range of accessories that are perfectly combinable with the different FLCs, pallets and KLTs. These products protect parts from costly damage, contamination and dust and improve pack density.

Covers for Reusable Containers and Pallets