Retail & Display Pallets

Display & Retail Plastic Pallets

Space-saving, sustainable and efficient – ORBIS Europe offers different small-sized pallets for retail applications. With their compact dimensions, the reusable retail pallets are mostly used for display positioning and shipping of small amounts while being as robust and efficient as other plastic pallets. The stackable pallets reduce volume by up to 75%, at the same time reducing costs for storage and transportation. Recyclability and sustainability are only a few of their biggest assets. This light-weight pallet range includes the following dimensions: One-eight Pallet (400 x 300), Quarter Pallet (600 x 400) and Half-Size Pallet (800 x 600).

One-eight Retail Display Pallets Plastic

One-eight Pallet – 400 x 300

The nestable one-eight pallet (400 x 300) is suitable for small sales floor and displays with an average speed of sale. The light weight and space saving qualities make it suitable for display positioning at the point of sale. For increased flexibility, displays can easily be affixed, and multiple pallets can be combined into larger units.

  • One-eight display/retail plastic pallet
  • Ideal for in-aisle or end-of-aisle displays
  • Designed for maneuverability and ease of access
  • Attractive design for small format stores
  • Conical feet for secure positioning
Dimensions (mm):400 x 300 x 140
Weight:0,75 kg
Load Capacity, static:60 kg
Load Capacity, dynamic:30 kg
Bottom Configuration:4 Feet
Deck Option:Open Deck

Quarter Pallet – 600 x 400

ORBIS Europe quarter pallets (600 x 400) are ultra-light-weight retail plastic pallets for display positioning or shipping. The returnable pallet simplifies handling at the point of sale and improves on-site safety. Plastic pallets are a sustainable, efficient and safe alternative to wooden pallets.

  • Ideal size for Point of Purchase retail displays
  • Robust design for multi-trip use
  • Nestable for maximum freight efficiencies
  • Easy locking of displays
Dimensions (mm):600 x 400 x 140
Weight:1,1 kg
Load Capacity, static:800 kg
Load Capacity, dynamic:250 kg
Bottom Configuration:4 Feet
Deck Option:Open Deck
Quarter retail pallet / display pallet reusable plastic
Half plastic pallet for retail / beverage industries

Half-size Pallet – 800 x 600

ORBIS Europe half-size plastic pallets (800 x 600) are made of impact-resistant PP and therefore very rigid for usage in applications with high rotations. The reusable plastic pallet is suitable for retail and other industries offering an efficient alternative to conventional wooden pallets.

  • Ideal small-format size for retail ready displays
  • Footprint maximizes labor efficiency
  • Robust pallet design protects products and displays from damage
  • Anti-slip options available
Dimensions (mm):800 x 600 x 160
Weight:8 kg
Load Capacity, static:2000 kg
Load Capacity, dynamic:1000 kg
Load Capacity, racking:500 kg
Bottom Configuration:3 Runner
Deck Option:Open Deck

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reusable plastic pallets: industrial

Euro Pallets
1200 x 800

reusable plastic pallets euro standard footprint

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