ORBIS at FachPack 2022

ORBIS at FachPack 2022



22. August 2022

ORBIS at FachPack 2022

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At this year’s FachPack, ORBIS Europe is presenting sustainable and durable transport packaging solutions for different industries (September 27th-29th in Nuremberg, hall 6, booth 316). That includes PlastiCorr®, the first reusable brown box replacement for automated packaging lines as well as plastic pallets in a new design for the food and beverage industry. More show highlights are the UN-certified dangerous goods boxes IonPak® and foldable large containers (FLCs) such as the GitterPak® and XXLPaks for automotive and industrial applications.

“Sustainability has become an important part of today’s supply chains. Reusable transport packaging follows the circular economy concept – in manufacturing, use and recycling. By making the switch to reusables, companies can reduce their environmental impact significantly. We will highlight all that at our FachPack booth“, says Christian Hemming, Technical Director EMEA at ORBIS Europe.

After-Show Drinks Reception at ORBIS Booth

The entire ORBIS Europe team invites you to this year’s FachPack. Following the circular economy principle, we will be showcasing sustainable and durable transport packaging solutions for different industries at booth 6-316.

We are happy to welcome you at our after-show drinks reception on Tuesday, Sep 27th, 5-7 PM. Join us and register here for free with the code A483021.

FachPack 2022 After Show Drinks Reception ORBIS

Meet the ​​​​​packaging experts, discover new products and get started on your reusable packaging program with ORBIS. Schedule your booth visit right away!


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