ORBIS Europe Collapsible Plastic Container – Press Articles

GitterPak 1200 x 800

The Press on ORBIS Europe collapsible plastic container

ORBIS Europe presented the GitterPak at LogiMat 2018 in Stuttgart, Germany. The collapsible plastic container is a 1 to 1 replacement to steel gitterboxes and can be reused several times and recycled at the end of the service life. ORBIS produces and sells reusable transport boxes. Shifting from steel to plastic leads to cost savings, higher safety and increased efficiency.

The Press on ORBIS Europe collapsible plastic container

Automotive Purchasing and Supply Chain talks to former Senior Director at ORBIS Europe, about challenges and trends in the packing industry. Product innovations such as the ORBIS GitterPak help deal with these problems. Standardizing and preventing empty containers are the main focus points. Considering these points, ORBIS can meet the needs of auto manufacturers and suppliers.

IonPak 1200 x 1000

IonPak, collapsible plastic container for lihtium ion battery transportation

Many automakers are confronted with problems when trying to safely transport lithium ion batteries. In 2018, ORBIS Europe presented the IonPak at the FachPack fair in Nürnberg. The foldable plastic container was designed for the sustainable and efficient transportation of lithium batteries. The reusable bulk bin is collapsible and saves up to 50% of costs for return transport.

German Press on ORBIS collapsible plastic containers

At FachPack 2018, ORBIS Corporation presented its newest reusable transport box for lithium ion batteries. The collapsible plastic container can contain up to 36 batteries and is robust to deal with the explosive characteristics of the batteries (dangerous goods).