GitterPak: industrial FLC foldable large container 1200 x 800

Specifications (All dimensions in mm, unless otherwise indicated)

Outside Dimensions (L x W x H)1200 x 800 x 960
Inside Dimensions (L x W)1120 x 720
Collapsed Height354
Container Capacity (kg)900
Weight (kg)65

Industrial Foldable Large Container

GitterPak® – 1200 x 800

Designed to European dimensions and produced in Europe, the Industrial FLC GitterPak™ with 1200 x 800 footprint holds up to 900 kg and is a reliable 1 to 1 substitute for metal gitterboxes, metal tubs and wooden crates. As part of the ORBIS line of FLCs, the GitterPak (Model HDB1208) offers logistics advantages, warehouse cost-savings and an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional packaging solutions. The GitterPak is collapsible so that one truck load holds up to 272 folded, empty plastic containers compared to 78 fully-assembled steel gitterboxes.

GitterPak can be reused multiple times over a long service life and is eventually recycled to produce new packaging products. With its all-plastic design, the industrial FLC features a light tare weight compared to metal bins, so trucks will efficiently cube out before weighing out. Therefore, the industrial foldable large container (FLC) is more sustainable and more efficient than conventional packaging. Replace Your Gitterbox 1 to 1 with the GitterPak!

Benefits of the Industrial FLC GitterPak:

  • Weight capacity of up to 900kg
  • Collapsible to reduce shipping costs
  • Returnable, stackable, no rust, easy to clean
  • Durable double-wall construction resistant to fork lift impacts
  • Improved ergonomics and easy handling for increased workplace safety
  • Easy on-site repair (BulkPak Repair Videos)
  • Three-runner base efficiently fits into racking or automation systems
  • Secure two-snap engagement for secure runner-to-base-connection
  • Preventing metal-on-metal part damage with all-plastic design
  • Lower total cost of ownership thanks to attractive ROI
  • Multiple access door configurations
  • Multiple identification options available

Learn more about the GitterPak and its benefits.

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